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Coastal Herb Co. Black Diamond Indoor THCa Flower 3.5g


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Black Diamond: A potent strain from Northern California, known for its deep purple buds adorned with a shimmering trichome layer. Its earthy aroma carries hints of wine, offering a relaxing and social experience.

  • Total THC: 20.50%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 24.57%
  • Total Delta 9: 0.100%
  • Total THCa: 23.26%


Black Diamond, a prominent indica strain originating from Northern California, is alternatively referred to as “Black Diamond OG” or “Black Diamond Kush.” This hybrid, derived from Blackberry and Diamond OG, showcases striking purple flowers adorned with a shimmering trichome layer. Emitting an earthy, wine-like aroma, Black Diamond is esteemed for its ability to induce laughter and enhance appetite. It serves as an excellent choice for social gatherings or relaxation.


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